Things every online crossword solver goes through!

A regular practice of solving crosswords on a daily basis becomes a habit after a long time. You call such a person “nerd”, right? It is visible in such people that the attitude towards solving the online puzzles keeps changing very frequently, or stays constantly rigid. Here are some minute adjustments that you can inculcate in your habit of solving online crosswords:

Quit your harmful habits

Problem: Smoking, binge eating, delaying work and even missing important work related meet-ups are just a few examples that have an adverse effect on your life after crosswords. You sit and solve and put yourself into a state of trance for a very long time. This isn’t going to help you if spoiling yourself is what you do in the end.

Solution: try taking small breaks and make yourself a cup of tea/coffee. This would not only make you feel refreshed, but will even give you a healthy break. A break from such mind grabbing games can also be flow activities such as drawing, coloring, gardening, knitting, stitching, etc.

Directed practice is what you need

Problem: When you practice puzzles regularly, you tend to realize that you are more eased by certain words. Just by reading the clue or by looking at the blanks you start to recognize those specific words. This causes overconfidence

Solution: always double-check for the answer you provide. Never stop doubting yourself. This always leaves some space for making your solving capabilities keep in control.

Giving up easily shouldn’t be the way to go

Problem: What really happens in your mind when you make mistakes; that too the real silly ones? You feel irksome, annoyed, and frustrated. This won’t have you a positive attitude towards solving more. This would only keep you from giving more correct answers.

Solution: Incorrect answers means you get to learn more. You make more mistakes; you get pointed for it more. Scientists have proved that growing a particular mindset of not knowing anything or knowing everything, is not a good habit to cultivate, especially when you are a regular competitor.

You know stuff you don’t know you know

Problem: Confused? That is the problem. In the process of solving a cross word it does happen that at times you might just come upw tih an answer, out of the blue. You don’t trust it. You do this the wrong way, here.

Solution: Always trust your instincts. They are sharp, helpful, and really a true friend to swear by. While you are busy analyzing the question you just read, your subconscious mind has already come up with the answer.

Small things lead to bigger ones

Problem: The first mistake lets you down. This affects you, bothers you, and tales you to deeper intense of life. Some even undergo depression. Why?

Solution: This can be avoided if you really believe in the words ‘small steps helps getting big jobs done’. Absolutely, it does. Cut down all the worries that bother you in one way or the other. Make sure step by step you stop letting your mistakes affect your play.

Ask for help, if need be

Problem: Some of our crossword loving folks hesitate to open up with the newer or the older members in the team. Online crossword even helps you interact with your fellow contenders. This makes learning faster and challenges even challenging.

Solution: Talk it out. Chill with your contemporaries and make sure you have a healthy conversation once in a while for making your mind more flexible towards every issue you might face.

So, for all the new and old timers, let this be a one stop learning session for what to avoid, and what solutions can be there for your real deal problems.

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